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New Music Calendar is a no-frills listing site for contemporary concert music, with rare excursions into experimental, improvised and avant-jazz musics.

At least since the death of composer Bill Hellerman, and the printed Calendar for New Music, the New Music Community has not had a clear, concise way of keeping track of the many new music events happening daily. While there have been several efforts to remedy the situation, many have been hampered by the need to develop large scale infrastructure, the lack of money-making potential, and a mismatch between creator goals vis a vis user goals.

Our goal at New Music Calendar is to create a modest, sometimes attractive, easy-to-use listing platform for new music events and to answer the proverbial question: "What's happening tonight?" It is not an advertising or marketing platform for ensembles, presenters or performers, or something to drive ticket sales. While ultimately we can imagine the site functioning as a database and repository of repertoire, performances, ensembles, venues, and trends throughout New York, America, and the World, or even a way to revive music journalism, we know our limits and, at least until someone grants us lots of money and staff, we are simply a listing of the Who, What, Where, and When of events in New York City over the coming season.

We are currently limiting our listings to concert music events at which the majority of work presented is by living composers. We are not listing events whose contents would be understood as jazz, world music, musical theater, popular music, or commercial music.

Feel free to contact us at newmusiccalendar at with suggestions, information, questions, or to donate your skills, resources, or cash to help New Music Calendar thrive.

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